How to know if you have a roof emergency


It’s relatively easy to tell if you are in need of a roof repair. The shingles are missing or have been worned down. Or simple you have water stains on your ceilings from constant water leaking in to your home from the roof.

An easy way to spot if you have a damaged shingle is to look for a leak from your attic (assuming you have access). If you don’t live in a rainy area just use water from your hose and water the area where you think your roof is leaking. Be sure not to go too crazy with this. Start small and just try to find a point of entry. Once you located the leak from within the attic make a mark so you can pinpoint where the leak is for when you return.

After you discovered the damaged shingle you can try a variety of Youtube DIY sources to fix the leak on your own. Our suggestion is unless it’s minor, you should call a roofing expert.

For all other emergencies please find your local roofing contractor by simply googling the term “emergency roof repair Sacramento” or which ever area you’re in.

How to find the best pest control company in your city

No matter where you go or where you live there will always be bugs, rats and other nasty creatures living amongst you. Because of this, thousands of people suffer from pest issues and are often unsure how to get rid of them. There are a lot of ways to get rid of the pests and many individuals will attempt DIY techniques like mouse traps and poison. However, if the infestation is too big you may need some assistance to cure the problem. This is where pest control companies come in and they are professionally trained to get the job done quickly. They will be able to help you effectively and have the equipment to deal with any problem be it large or small. However, there are a lot of companies to choose from in the Sacramento area and with competition high, it can be difficult choosing a decent business. To help you get the best results, this article will list a number of factors to consider when choosing a pest control company in your hometown.

Equipment Standards

The one thing that makes pest control companies stand out is their sophisticated equipment that allows them to exterminate bugs and pests with great efficiency. When looking for a good company to choose to solve your pest issues, you need to identify companies that have the latest pest clearing equipment because this will mean they can do an effective job in half the time. Advanced, up-to-date equipment also implies that they’re a quality company and are dedicated to doing a proper job. A lot of bad companies will never upgrade their gear and this can result in a half-finished job.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for the best pest control in Sacramento and it will decide whether you get a good company or not. With the advancements in the internet, reputation is a lot easier to research because of the application of online reviews. If you were to type in the company’s name into a search engine, chances are you’ll find a number of customer reviews. Through these, you can identify whether the company is worth your time. Another quick way to identify the reputation of a pest control company is through asking around the local community and see what people have heard about the company. Assessing previous clients and references is also effective. If the company doesn’t have any existing or previous clients it should be avoided. Another option is to look for reviews. Reviews can be found on the greater social media sites such as Facebook and/or Twitter.

Customer Service

The customer service of the pest control company is very important and will ensure that you receive a quality experience. When we refer to customer service, we are referring to the speed of their communication and emergency response time, especially in cases which need to be dealt with quickly. You do not want to be dealing with a slacking company in Sacramento or other cities alike because they will waste your time and money. Give the company a quick call and assess their communication skills. If they are friendly and answer the phone promptly, it is a good sign.


You want to get the most professional company possible when looking for pest control and this can be achieved through checking the qualifications of the company and the individuals that run it. It is important that they have the proper qualifications and insurance for controlling pests as this will mean that you’re protected if anything were to go wrong or if anyone were to get hurt. Contact them and ask them about their qualifications and see how they respond. If they list a lot of professional and legal documentation then they may be a legit company.

Pest control is not walk in the park and through a pest control company, you can have the problem removed quickly. However, it is important that you find a company that has the factors listed above, as this will guarantee you’ll be working with a professional, qualified company.

Setting Up Your First Office

There are two main options for small businesses when it comes to setting up a permanent office outside of your home; serviced offices and wholly let offices.

Services offices are offices where you pay a flat monthly rate in return for the complete package. Everything is usually included so there is no water bill, electricity bill, internet bill etc. This is what we have. If you Google office space you can usually find a ton of people who provide directories of offices in your area. A tip is to get the contact details from the directory sites and contact the office company direct rather than going through the agent. The office co will have more wriggle room when it comes to discounts that way as there is no commission of them to pay. We found this out afterward.

Wholly let offices are offices whereby you rent a space and are responsible for the majority of costs, so you have to pay the business rates and the heating bills etc.

My personal opinion for most small businesses is to go for the serviced offices as most businesses of this size value the predictability of the costs from month to month.

Why get an office?

Well in our case there was two reasons, one was that working from home is not ideal when there is more of you in the company than just yourself. Having everyone in the same place at the same time also has loads of spill over advantages such as morale and better for coming up with new ideas.

The other reason for us was that more and more of our bigger clients wanted to meet up. Having a fixed place to meet these clients, in my view, greatly increases the professional look of the business.

Why not to get an office?

Well getting an office means you have to commute to work each day which adds a big cost to yourself. Also the office its self is going to add around £270+vat a month per a person to the business. It may be that you are unable or unwilling to add to your costs.

Another reason is many people start a small business because they want to work at home, time with kids, time with partners etc. If this was the motivation for setting up business, you may not want to go back to what feels a bit like a normal job.

Should you get an office check-list:

  • Can you afford it?
  • Is it expected for your industry?
  • Are you happy to go back to the daily commute?